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The First Note


Since 2009, Family Music + Art has strived to offer the best music education in Bakersfield. From our quality music coaches to our comprehensive curriculum, we have what it takes to help you achieve your learning goals right in your own home!

Teach In Harmony


We do things a bit different around here. Instead of offering music lessons as a way to get you "in the door" to buy all our great stuff, we operate with the single focus of music education. 

The Future Sounds Good


Our customers deserve the best. This truth drives us to search out ways to improve the community and learning experience at Family Music + Art. Over the years, our customer requests have brought about great changes, and we look forward to more!

Owner’s Note 


We are so glad you are considering Family Music + Art for your music and art education needs. We promise to work hard for you, to answer any question you might have, and to always strive with you toward our common goal of filling the world and your home with the sounds of music! Happy Melodies.        -Jon & Adriene

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