Introducing our first annual, March Madness practice competition!

Why a practice competition?

Practice is the cornerstone of any successful learning endeavor. At Family Music Center, we are using the whole month of March to focus in on this vital, difference-making part. Utilizing a fun and simple competition, students will have the opportunity to win awards or prizes, all the while learning an important habit: practice. 

What is it?

Students will track their minutes spent practicing their assignments at home, as they already do. For the month of March however, they will be using a special March Madness practice tracker card, provided to them each week at their lesson. The practice tracker will be turned in each week and the totals added up. Winners will be announced at the beginning of April.

How to win?

1. Most Total Minutes Practiced Throughout the Competition

2. Most Minutes Practiced in a Single Day

3. Most Consecutive Days of Practice (minimum of 15 minutes per day)

4. Students Who Practiced at Least 5 hours Total for the Month of March 

Even the music coaches can get in on the fun!

The coach with the highest average practice time across all of their students will win too! Root for your coach by helping them boast their student average!

Stay tuned for a list of the awards and prizes. If you would like any more information, talk to your coach or the student coordinator today!

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